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Download Designer fail

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I have Visilogic versions 7 and 8 installed on my PC, and I'm using Version Swapper to change between them. I need to build my applications to .udc files in version 7 for field use.

I use the Build>Build File for UniDownload, and the resultant .vdf is about 1MB which is consistent with previous attempts that worked. Then I use Download Designer to build the .udc file, but it only comes to about 67kB instead of 800-1000kB I’ve gotten before. If I attempt downloading to the V130 using UniDownloader 5 or Download Mgr, the operation fails. Download Mgr says “DLU Download Failed”, UniDownloader just says "Fail". The PLC is now locked in Stop mode.

I’ve tried building the file in Visilogic 8 using File>Build Project File, same result: normal .vdf, bad .udc.

I’ve created files for field installation like this many, many before with a previous installation of v7 only. What has changed?

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