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Last Friday I bought a Samba 3.5 PLC and yesterday I was programming and it worked normally, but today, when I tried to program, the Visilogic showed the error message:


Communication Driver Error (206). I changed the cable, changed the computer, COM port number, baud rate and nothing, the only thing i didn't change was the PLC, cause it's the only I have. Someone could help me? I don't know what to do anymore.






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Hi there,


Im connecting my laptop (Windows 10) with the latest version of Visilogic, directly to the PLC via RJ11 to 9 pin cable -- 9 port cable to USB.


For unknown reasons the PLC stopped functioning properly. As a result the workers thought the battery was the issue and tried to replace it, thus wiping everything off.


Now I have asked someone to reprogramme it however he is sitting in India and I, with no knowledge of PLC's, in Saudi Arabia.


So far we have managed to transfer all files from his computer to mine.


We are stuck due to the following reasons:


1. The OS on the PLC is running on OS V 3.7 (00). 

2. I have downloaded the necessary OS from live updates as the help manual showed.


I followed the steps going onto Operating System, pressing Check, then seeing a new box open up.


The Baud Rate, Com # is correct.


It keeps showing the Error 206 code.


Does anyone know what to do as the guy who was helping me told me hed be right back and has decided to blank me.


Much appreciated and looking forward to suggestions.

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