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I'm working with a V230 in attempt to get it to send out e-mail. I watched the webinar and it was a big help for understanding basic Ethernet setup. I have the V230 up and running for TCP/IP connection via Visilogic (8.6.1, FWIW) on Socket 1.

I've tried setting up the e-mail ladder nets per the help and sample programs but it doesn't appear to be working yet. In the process, I've noticed a few odd things:

- I only have socket init FBs for 1 (PC) and 2 (e-mail) on power up; but SBs 143 through 146 show all four sockets initialized when I go online

- SIs 145 through 148 show 14, 6, 14, and 2; when I try to send an e-mail, SB 147 shows 3 for a while then reverts back to 14 after a few seconds

The help shows what 2 and 14 mean for these SIs (not that they make sense for this app). What about 3 and 6?

I don't think I'm getting Socket 2 to connect, so it never sends the msg b/c SB 149 is a N.O. contact in series before the e-mail FB. FYI, I'm trying to use a Yahoo acct for SMTP outgoing on port 587 b/c my ISP appears to block port 25.

I'd appreciate any insight. Thanks.

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All the sockets are initialized by default - the sockets which you did not use Socket Init will initialize with its own default settings.

As I understand you are using Socket 2 for connection - Did you set Socket 2 to Master TCP?

Please check after trying to connect the mail server that SB149 is on.

Only after getting SB149 on, try to send the Email.

If it still fails, check what is the status of MI which is linked to the status messages of the Email function.

Please note that Gmail mail server indeed based on SSL encryption which Unitronics do not support.

We support mail servers that require authentication type login or plain and of course mail servers which do not require authentication.

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Thanks, Ofir.

I do have Socket 2 set as TCP Master. I also have SB 149 as a NO contact in series with my e-mail FB (and as a NC contact in series with my TCP connect block for Socket 2). I basically followed the format of the e-mail example applications for the V350 (and I think the current V570 one).

The MI for e-mail status never changes from 0-Idle b/c SB 149 never turns on.

Can you tell me what the status msg.s I see in SI 145 through SI 148 mean? See my OP above for the integers.

I am trying to connect to Yahoo, which appears to not require SSL. According to Yahoo and AT&T (ISP), I should be able to connect on port 587 since they block port 25 connections. I had to look up the IP, since they'd rather you use smtp.mail.yahoo.com.

I really appreciate the help.

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Can you tell me what SI 145 through 148 mean when they state:

0- Initialized to UDP, closed

2- Initialized to TCP, listen

3- ?? (my V230 shows this while trying to connect)

6- ?? (my V230 shows this when connected to PC on socket 1)

14- Initialized to UDP, ready (my V230 shows this for TCP initialized socket before/after it fails to connect)

I'm working on the details of sending via the ISP and mail account, but if it won't connect then that doesn't really matter. FYI, I can telnet in and connect to the SMTP server. Thanks!

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Status 3 - Synch sent.

Status 6 - TCP connection established.

If you are unable to get SB149 on (socket 2 connected) then try to connect other device which is in listen so that we will be able to understand whether you have issues with the mail server or with any connection.

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