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I opened U90 help files by mistake instead of Vision help files , and found that for HSC it says  "Counter value is an integer with a range of -32768 to +32767.  After the counter reaches the maximum value of +32767 it will continue to count in the negative range. "

I couldn't find similar statement in VisiLogic help files. Now, I plan to use Vision controler V430, and in Technical Specifications for V430-J-TR34 it says that hardware counter has resolution of 32-bit. Does that mean that I can link ML to high speed inputs and they will count to 2^31?

I am using two shaft encoders if it's of any matter.

I wasn't even thinking about this question, but since accidentally I looked at U90 help it's been bugging me.


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Don't let it bug you.  Visions are way more powerful than M90s.

You can assign an ML to an HSC input with no problem.  Here's the catch - it will reset to 0 when you cycle power.  

I put an STO block  in that continually copies the ML value to another ML with a NC of SB2 in front of it.  This creates a running buffer of the value.  I use an NO of SB2 to copy the buffer back to the HSC accumulator so I don't loose my place on power-up.


Joe T.

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