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Connecting Over Network


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I'm having an issue with getting the .NET driver to connect and read values.  I am having no problems connecting using Visilogic, but when I take those properties and use them in the .NET driver they don't seem to be working.  The interesting this is that I'm not getting an exception, so my application believes the driver is connected, but looking at the properties for the Ethernet object it appears not to be.

When I put a break point on the oPLC object, it states that the object could not be evaluated because the previous function had timed out. 

When run it down to the last line and check the response values it is null.

Here's the code:

                Ethernet ethernet = new Ethernet(_cell1PLC_IP, _cell1PLC_Port, EthProtocol.TCP,  3, 3000);                
                PLC oPLC = PLCFactory.GetPLC(ethernet, 1);

                // Create the write request //
                ReadWriteRequest[] readShifts = new ReadWriteRequest[1];
                readShifts[0] = new ReadOperands
                    NumberOfOperands = 1,
                    OperandType = OperandTypes.MB,
                    StartAddress = 0,

                // Extract the shift times //                
                object[] shiftTimes = ((object[])readShifts[0].ResponseValues);

oPLC breakpoint.jpg

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