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Hello. I am programming a V700. I would like to have an HMI page for recipe selection and editing. I am new to Visilogic and it looks like data tables would be the tool for this but I can't see how I would use the name of a table as a variable or a variable to change the name of a table. I would like to select a recipe on a recipe page that has a password protected edit button and then have the recipe name appear on the status pages. The data inside the tables is easy enough to use but I don't see how to use the name of the table in the HMI. Maybe I have to do it indirectly, by pointer to a string? Then use the same pointer to select the recipe.

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You cannot change the Data Table name via ladder, but there is no need to. If you want to store and recall your recipes in a Data Table, then make each row of the data table a separate recipe. The first column can store the name, then subsequent columns would store each of the recipe parameters. You would then use available data table functions to store or recall all the items from a row.

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Thank you. I see what you mean.

My original plan, before I saw data tables, was to make various arrays to index through using integers named 'recipe number' and 'step number' as a pointers. I could work with long rows in the data tables but without names at the top of columns it may get confusing. I guess I could put columns just for labels for my use only.

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