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Do HSO need to be powered?

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Hello, I am using the high speed output of the V130 TR34 to generate a PWM signal for a motor driver. From the installation guide it is not clear whether a power supply and pull up resistor are needed or if the HSO is already a powered input. Without connecting a supply, I'm noticing that the V130 gives a 10V peak to peak PWM signal. This is enough signal to power my application, but I'm wonder if this is the intended wiring, as I want to connect multiple drivers to my high speed output later on.

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The V130 TR34 uses NPN outputs for its transistor digital outputs. That may be backwards from what you learned as normal wiring if you live in the United States.

You send a  3.5V to 28.8V DC feed into output contacts 1, 2, 3 or 4 and when the output is hot, it allows the current to flow to the 0V sink at output 5. The 0V sink at output 5 needs to be jumpered to the 0V (negative terminal) on the PLC. The positive end of the connection is wired to your motor's negative control terminal, so the motor is actually ahead of the I/O in the circuit.

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