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  1. Under the vector menu there should be a bit to num function. It would do this for you.
  2. it's hard to say with out seeing all the code but couple of questions and things to check Is the increment done in a sub-routine or main routine? if in a sub-routine are you calling that sub-routine? is MI 38 being reset or stored to somewhere else in the program?
  3. Right click on the P in the I5 element and select replace ladder element then select Negative transition element
  4. See the highlight below maybe it's a terminology issue and tables is supposed to be operands, but for me if your referring to tables it's a datatable.
  5. If your getting the Name and IP from data tables I'm not sure this will happen during the power up cycle. Here's an example as to how I handle getting the IP information from a Datatable, net 4 is if we modify the configuration it causes a write back to the data table and then re-initializes the PLC's NIC so it has the new settings. It is still all driven by SB2 but also allows you to modify the PLC's information on the fly if required.
  6. As Flex said the vector need to be populated with Valid ASCII characters. Ie to get 43 as the name you need to have 0x3433 in MI230 TEST would be 0x4554 in MI 230 0x5453 in MI231 with the rest of the vector blank(0x0000)
  7. I have done project with KepServer before mostly with AB but some with UniStream, Couple questions 1)Are you running a licensed version of KepServer or is it in demo mode? If your in Demo Mode it's limited to a 2 hour runtime and just closing the window doesn't reset that timer(Re-intilizing it doesn't do it either), you actually have to stop the process and restart it to get another 2 hour window. Scroll through your the KepServer event log(default location is a docked window at the bottom of the KepServer window) and look for Licensing under the source header, and then check and see if the event is Time Limited usage period on feature MODBUS TCP/IP has expired. If it's present either your demo time has run out or if you have a licensed version something is wrong and you'll have to contact PTC support about it. 2)If it is a licensed version (or non-time expired demo) have you looked at the diagonstics in KepServer to see that it's actually on the channel you set up for this device? Right click on your channel select properties and verify that diagnostics capture is enable Do the same for your device Right click on either of them and select diagnostics it will cause a new window to open that will let you see data KepSever is Transmitting and Receiving, As Joe said can you post the code so we can take a peek inside the FB's
  8. I'm fairly certain the jumpers are present on the V280 as well,(maybe my memory has failed me though). We have one at the office I'll check it tomorrow when I'm there.
  9. Remove the Snap I/O module and then using a flat blade screw driver remove the back portion of the V280's case. There should be two sets of jumpers beside one set will control RS232/458 for port two the other set will control the RS485 termination for port 2. See page 8 in the linked. https://www.unitronicsplc.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/V230_260_280_290_INSTAL-GUIDE_12_15-2.pdf
  10. Check in sample programs under communications. I’m fairly certain one already exists there.
  11. What LED’s are on on the EX-A2X? also the cable between the PPC and Adaptor has to be connected with the correct end at the PPC and EX-A2X it is labelled but double check to make sure you’ve got it correct.
  12. Hello,

    I tried few things, but no success, can you give me more details how to effectuate this connection - WIFI - mAP - SM35.

    Thank you!


  13. You'll have to move the Wi-Fi from the switch to the WAN and take the Ethernet port currently being utilized as the WAN and put it in the LAN. Look under quick set there should be an option to do everything you need under that tab. We don't typically set them up that way so I'm not sure of all the settings. Send me PM if you need more info as it's not really Unitroincs item. Alternatively you could use the new UCR to do the same job.
  14. Lot of it depends on what you are trying to do with the mAP.
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