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DataXport auto start after unexpected restart of PC


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Hello world,

I have this problem: There is a PC on the site with DataXport running on it. It reads data from the OPLC in regular intervals. The problem appears when the PC unexpectedly restarts, e.g. after Windows update or grid blackout. After restart  DataXport does not start to run automatically; it complaints that it was shut down unexpectedly and asks for saving the application. After confirming the message it is possible to start it again but it requires users intervention. Is it possible to get rid of this feature, i.e. to start running DataXport automatically even in the case it was not shut down properly? Or some workaround? 
Thank you,

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Hi Michal,

On 31/12/2016 at 0:49 AM, stembera said:

after Windows update or grid blackout.

A suitably sized UPS would at least solve one of the causes, and would probably not be a bad thing to have anyway.  In my locale UPS's on everything computer is a must.

As for Msoft's annoying forced habits.....hmmmm.

+1 on the ability to have "user choice" on whether to need intervention or simply run regardless.

Without knowing the Unitronics' coding, perhaps it is something as simple as a registry item that changes state during run/shutdown?  Might be worth spending a little time chasing it via some bench testing.  You could then write a little script to change it back before starting the program.

However, it is probably something within the program itself.  Through a bit of simple trial and error, you can likely find what file is involved within the DataXport folder by doing copying before running the program after ok shutdown,  and pasting this copy over that created during an incorrect shutdown and then starting things.  Once you've isolated it down,  have a script run on startup before DataXport that replaces those items involved with the "virgin" copies made.  Maybe even simply copy the entire folder the same way, don't even bother chasing what is involved.  This theory is easily tested.  Scripts can be a little fiddly, but a little bit of time here will likely work ok.  And there might be something else surface because of doing this, but hopefully not.

Of course the best way is the "user choice" from the Creators, but it might take a while...if at all!



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