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Using Virtual PLC Simulator and viewing Counters

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I ve been working in an application in which I need to show some HOURMETERS from working motors. My application is been developed in a V1210 unit, and I am using VISILOGIC version 9.8.31

As I see, it is supposed to be easy. Whle the starting motor order is held ON, the hourmeter should count up time. 

I want to show the numbers as the image attached. This is, the counter will count up to 99999,9 until RESET to 0000

 So my prupose to do this in the network image attached,


Well, I also used the VIRTUAL PLC tool to test it, but it seems not to work. In the simulation I can see the 1 second pulses, but the counter does not increment (or at least is not showing it). So, can some tell me what I am doing wrong? or the problem is the simulator?


Hope you can help,








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