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Unilogic State Machine Button Colors


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While you can select different text to display when using the "State Machine Button" in Unilogic, you can not select different colors of the background of the button on hand. You can select different text colors, but not different background colors. It would be nice to be able to select a color of the background for each state to make it more obvious for the end user.

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I'm re-launching this topic to find out what is the status of the background color customization function in "State Machine Button".
I am creating a HMI with a tab system to access different settings and I would like to be able to change the background color of these tabs to see which one is active, inactive and in use (Focus). The background color would be a definite plus for a better user experience.
Do you have an idea for a replacement?

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You can use "List of Text" element, and define an integer that sets the color and the text on each Tab. In your case, the text doesn't change, but only the foreground and background.

You can attach "Actions" to the List of Text, so it will act like a button.

You won't have the state actions though (Different set of actions depending on the state of the tab), but I doubt you need it in this case.

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