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Hi Ausman, Where I am confused is having multiple options. Where i could program several different measurements. I was hoping Unitronics had and example I could start with so I could get a starting point.  This concept seems confusing to me for some reason. I am sure the solution is infantile, but I am confused.

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Multiple options is a different kettle of fish.  However, the basics are the same.

Because MIs can be used in compares, you can set things up based on answers to HMI questions moving numbers into the relevant MIs.  How many in total?  Move that answer into the total count MI.  How many before I need to do the first change?  Move that into the MI controlling the first compare set.  How much to lower the head each time?  That goes in another MI etc etc.

There will be other methods, but this is likely easiest for you at present if you are talking variables on a range of things all the time.



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