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keypad entry variables

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Hey all....

I have a project that I converted from V280 to V560, I used the convert to color function which worked fairly well. of course there were things I had to clean up afterwords.

One thing that has me puzzled are some keypad entry variables, which I wanted to keep as keypad entry, but instead are now touchscreen entry. That is, when I have logic that prompts the user for a keypad entry, the physical keypad does not work, instead you have to touch the variable on screen, then it pops up a onscreen keypad for entry.

I'm not seeing anything in the variables properties that indicate it should be a touchscreen entry, or a way to disable touchscreen and enable physical keypad.

Attached is a screen shot of the variable properties. Anyone out there have any ideas on this?




keypad variable.PNG

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thank you for the input,

the description of SB111 says "Disable Virtual Keypad  On = Virtual Keypad is disabled but Keypad enabled (Vision560)"

but, setting SB111 also disabled all my on screen "buttons" with touch properties, and the keypad still didn't work.......

does that make sense?


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