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  1. Power supply didn't help.... Back to square one and replaced the ATC8 module again with another used spare, and I'm back in business. Two used modules in the trash, and one new module on order. 🤬 Thanks all for the suggestions....
  2. Hey All, Got a problem that popped up yesterday that I can't seem to wrap my head around. Maybe someone else has seen this before... I have a freezer that is controlled with a V280, three Type T thermocouples into an IO-ATC8. (module four in a bank of five) At the points being monitored by the T/Cs I typically have readings between -200 & 40 deg. Yesterday, all three suddenly went whack, reading a couple hundred degrees higher that actual temp. This morning I tried; swapping out the IO-ATC8 module (thinking it went goofy), no change reset/init of the PLC (to c
  3. French Fries were not originally cooked in France... Oddly enough, they were cooked in Greece.... 🤔
  4. The problem is that requires advance preparation. Yes Flex, I keep archived installs also... just seemed odd that it happened when I installed Remote Access Yes, Win 10, and just downloaded the latest version from Unitronics website... And the winner is.... Aus.....😌 Renamed the .evb file and created new, problem solved.... Thanks guys...
  5. I just put an ethernet card in a different V350 a couple days ago, had to dis-assemble down to the bottom (front) as it mounted underneath everything and ended up in the lower port hole, you break the little hole cover in half and put it in to fill the top hole. I thought maybe the serial card somehow mounted above that, but I don't know as I've never added a serial to a V350....
  6. Hmmm.... that didn't help, what's the second thing you try?
  7. Hey All, I'm in the midst of upgrading an older V120 project to a V350. The V120 has two installed serial ports; I use Port 1 for programming and Port 2 for RS485/MODBUS to an AB VFD The V350 has one installed serial port along with a USB port. The spec sheet says; "Note that physically connecting a PC to the controller via USB suspends RS232/RS485 communications via Port 1. When the PC is disconnected, RS232/RS485 resumes." So, in essence this means I could use Port 1 for my RS485/MODBUS, and can plug into the USB if I need to program. I guess the downside is t
  8. Hey All, Just had a strange experience while installing Remote Access onto a PC. Now this PC is one I use as my normal workstation, email/office/CAD/etc, but not my PLC stuff, but I do have an older version of Visilogic (9.8.31) installed that I use to get online to look at something in the plant without disturbing what I'm doing on my programming PC. Now I just finished a little project (a water meter using a Dwyer Ultrasonic Flowmeter, connected to a V350) that I was going to setup Remote Access for a manager to be able to remote into... So, just for testing purpose
  9. Or is the OP saying that he got a new Jazz20 to replace an existing Jazz20 , and needs to know how to get the code out of the old and into the new??
  10. no, I'm logged in, even tried signing out and back in again. probably something on our network blocking me, I'll give it a shot from my home puter tonight...
  11. I like your style. It's more efficient, I have separate bit for every Modbus command. Will give this method a try. Kieran I would like to see your "style", I sometimes do MODBUS and I always feel my code is clunky.... But I can't seem to download your sample projects, as though they are now dead links... Regards, JohnR
  12. My wife tells me this from time to time, she'll be talking to someone about some not-to-common subject, next day there will be references to that subject on her phone. this I why I avoid all the "smart" things my phone can do... I text, take pics, use the calculator, oh and sometimes talk.... I avoid IoT also.... Also, not my joke..... My wife got her eyebrows painted on I told her they were too high she looked surprised
  13. I don't know, even though I grew up around a farming community, I was never keen on baling wire and duct tape repairs 🥴
  14. As I've mentioned somewhere here before, I've taken to the habit of drilling holes in the corners of the snap-in modules (I've made a little drilling template that lays over the module), and securing with screws. For a few years now, the creators have provided screw bosses on the PLC case, but they still don't put the holes in the modules? this doesn't prevent someone from bending a pin, but it sure keeps the snap-in module from falling off due to machine vibration....
  15. or maybe it's reverse logic and you are supposed to uncheck it if you don't want the prompt?? 🙃 Did you try that Joe?
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