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  1. V560 with a V200-18-E3XB snap IO, or alternately an external IO-A18 module... JohnR
  2. Hey all, Simple question about vision analog inputs (I hope).. what happens if I feed a negative voltage into a 0-10V analog input? does the associated MI go negative or does it just stop at zero? really didn't see anything about this in the help files. figured I'd ask before chance damage to my hardware.. JohnR
  3. I had this problem once, and Joe T provided me with this answer. You have to tell Remote Access to upload the PLC's images and create a local use file-
  4. MarvinP; Seems to me you are making assumptions about the PLC programming environment, this is not some structured thing that you can treat like some Excel/Access/Powerpoint program. It entails understanding control logic, which is something you have to embellish from a real hands on type of structure, not spreadsheets and databases... yyh2, sorry, but no, this is not some top secret subject, but it is something you have to learn and understand. Nobody can wave a magic wand over your head and give you all knowing knowledge. You have to try (and yes fail from time to time), but if you first try (and that is the prerequisite), then ask questions, folks on this forum will gladly help you. But, sorry Charlie, nobody is gonna hand you a Golden Ticket...
  5. These cables are included with the PLC when you buy a new one (not some $100 cable you have to buy separately like some other manufactures). And any Unitronics supplier is likely to have some on hand. I have a half dozen new in package, would be happy to send you one for the cost of shipping, PM me if you are interested. JohnR
  6. I think that establishing solid communication is only one part of the puzzle. Completing the update is another puzzle piece. And then you will find out whether or not you actually have a valid application to run.
  7. And I've found over the years, that coworkers with a "Goey-In" can be much more rude & crude than us with the "Pointy-Outs".. Just sayin"...
  8. this may sound silly, but what happens if you put your setpoint at 552? does it settle in at closer to 550, or stay at 548.8? numbers are just visual indications of what's going on, but sometimes you just gotta tweak the numbers to get/show the results you want.. Just my 2-cents
  9. Well, that movie came out in the late 70's, I was in my early 20's... So you were about 6? 😇
  10. Well if no one sees it but me, I guess I should just ignore it.😌 Yep, that's where the saying came from. good memory..
  11. Naw, actually been there since early summer, just took me that long to ask questions about it.. Hmmm, maybe around the time of elevator discussions?
  12. Aus, I understand what you are saying, but don't know what I may have posted to trigger a NSFW? I know I am a sarcastic old fart, but that goes without saying when you are in your mid-60"s. 😇 And Cara says she doesn't see anything that should trigger that. And if the Uni-Goddess Cara doesn't see it then what?? 🤔
  13. Well gee Cara, If you don't know why it's there, then I must be in real deep trouble, "double secret probation"..🤪 I'm assuming that I'm the only one who see's this on my screen, and anyone else who looks at my posts or profile don't see it? John
  14. Hmmm, well this is the Gray Code truth table taken from the CTS spec sheet. and my encoder does follow this pattern (checking each output step by step with a meter). I've never played with a Gray code (so it's a gray area to me).🥴 Anyway, like I said, I thought a PLC program would be a good way of testing (but after 3 years of retirement, my coding is getting slow and rusty). JohnR
  15. What I have here is a piece of audio gear that uses this encoder wheel to scroll through options. And sometimes it goes wanky, when it should be scrolling "up", it will go up one step then down a step (or vice-versa). I first assumed it was a quadrature encoder, either Incrementing or Decrementing some counter, and was missing pulses that confused direction. Turns out the encoder outputs this Gray code, which gives a consistent output step by step, checking with a meter. So I thought I would make a "quick and dirty" test program on a PLC, where I could watch the results of spinning the encoder at normal speed, maybe something is floating... The encoder is a 16 position mechanical switch encoder (CTS series 288), which I have already sprayed with De-Oxid contact cleaner, with no improvement. And following up on years of troubleshooting experience, programmed controllers don't go wanky (it either works or doesn't), more than likely a problem with the input devices.. So here I am trying to find a way to real-time test this encoder..
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