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  1. Hey All, I'm working a a little home workshop playtime project... I'm using a V570 with a V200-18-E3XB snap I/O module. I "hand-rolled" some type T thermocouples (wires at the business end tightly twisted and soldered to create my TC junction). Each T/C is about 30 ft long, and a direct connection with the E3XB module. I find that the readings I get at room temp are about 8 deg F higher than I get with "real" thermometers. I know I can build an offset into my readings, but curious where the discrepancy lies; Does the solder (60/40) that flows through the twisted Co
  2. "The V280 has evolved over the years of its existence since 2004. The little door on the back and built-in RS485 didn't come along until about 2012. The earlier units did not have native RS485. You'll need the V200-19-RS4 module. The V200-19-RS4-X isolated module is the current part number, $53 US from your friendly dealer. Or I saw an old -RS4 on the Ebay for $22.00. I often wonder how many people get their hardware on eBay and then come here for tech support.... Joe" Just to confirm what Joe said, here is a comparison of two versions of a V280, note the jumpers be
  3. Hey All, Well, here I go again with a mystery Run Time Error in DataXport... I spent the past year with a seemingly futile effort to resolve my previous mystery; Run Time Error 3709, and with unsuccessful help from here on the forum. and with a couple different guys from the Unitronics Help team, I had resigned myself to restarting DataXport a couple times a day to clear the error. That mystery magically resolved itself around the first of November. NOW... I find myself with a new Run Time Error popping up every few days... And when I click the OK button, DataXport s
  4. A vulture boards an airplane, carrying two dead raccoons. The Stewardess looks at him and says, "I'm sorry sir, only one carrion allowed per passenger"..... There was a person who sent ten puns to friends, with the hope that at least one of the puns would make them laugh. No pun in ten did.....
  5. Yes, the CBC-801 is a non isolated, floating DC supply, so yes , care will have to be taken with the switch/wiring. The original design has a step-down transformer (480-120) that feeds power to the DC drive boards (if you consider that isolation), and the DC boards are also non isolated... Same situation would apply for powering whatever type of power supply I come up with. Unless I roll my own, if I can find a transformer with about 65VAC secondary, with a full wave bridge and filter cap that should give me right around 90VDC. But hat defeats the thought process of using off t
  6. Thanks all for the suggestions... I'm still leaning for the little Warner clutch/brake power supply, it's compact and plugs into a 8-pin relay socket. says its good for 1.25 amps at 90VDC, my little gear-motor says it draws 0.85 amps..... I'm trying to get away from these little DC drive boards, I have a lot of moisture induced failures with these (the slightest dampness and they shut down, let them dry and they work again, just a big nuisance...), and they also take up a little more "floor-space" in my limited panel. Also, a common off the shelf item....
  7. The fattest Knight at King Arthur's Round Table was Sir Cumference, He acquired his size from too much Pi.... Two Hydrogen atoms meet. One says, "I've lost my Electron." The other says, "Are you sure?" The first replies, "Yes, I'm positive."
  8. Hey All, I have a small piece of equipment that I am updating. it has three small DC gearmotors, two of which are variable speed using small 90VDC motor controllers. and I am replacing these with 3-phase gearmotors and using AC VFD's. the third is a small (1/17th hp) DC motor that is for a mechanical adjustment, and is run full voltage, forward or reverse with a selector switch arrangement that switches polarity to the motor. I plan on keeping this as-is, but the caveat is that it's power source comes from the Field supply on one of the DC motor controllers. All that
  9. Or, if you have room on your screen, you can make a binary text button that only shows under a certain condition. Either make one of its states the same color as your background, with no text. or I believe you can link an operand to Hide or Disable View.... But again, it has to fit within your screen, it cannot pop-up over other display elements
  10. I never realized that was there.... Does the Start Interval have to hang on the rail before the ladder you want to monitor, or can it be at the end of a conditional rung so it only starts when the rung goes true? Regards, JohnR
  11. I heard that children born 9 months from now will be called; "The Children of the Quarn"
  12. Well, the two "spare" modules I had were actually used modules pulled from two other machines that were scrapped last year, stashed away in a box of other misc used parts😡 One of them worked, but of course the first one I grabbed didn't, and that steered me off looking for a different problem, it wasn't until my troubleshooting brought me back full circle to the module, which I then replaced with the other "spare" that did work....
  13. Aus, My analogy is that a schematic is like road map and shows you where you are going... so far as the "line diagram" (DIN prints as I call them), compared to a "regular" electrical print; When you look at a complete map of the country (regular print), you can see how the highways interconnect from state to state. When Interstate 70 (in the US) leaves the left side of Illinois, you can clearly see that it then enters the right side of Missouri. But if you grab a Road Atlas, where each state is on it's own page (like the DIN prints)... If you are looking at Illinois and
  14. Power supply didn't help.... Back to square one and replaced the ATC8 module again with another used spare, and I'm back in business. Two used modules in the trash, and one new module on order. 🤬 Thanks all for the suggestions....
  15. Hey All, Got a problem that popped up yesterday that I can't seem to wrap my head around. Maybe someone else has seen this before... I have a freezer that is controlled with a V280, three Type T thermocouples into an IO-ATC8. (module four in a bank of five) At the points being monitored by the T/Cs I typically have readings between -200 & 40 deg. Yesterday, all three suddenly went whack, reading a couple hundred degrees higher that actual temp. This morning I tried; swapping out the IO-ATC8 module (thinking it went goofy), no change reset/init of the PLC (to c
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