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"Drag and Drop" elements to Email body


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Will the future bring a drag and drop email body element that inserts an ASCII string variable?

I've found a work around for what I'm wanting to accomplish via binary text variable and lists of text variable. What I had in my was using store blocks in ladder to load an ASCII string with various messages then IF triggered email would convey the ASCII string message in body. Just a thought. Not sure if anyone else has looked for this as a feature. I guess I got the notion from email construct strategy I once used in Visilogic using Stores, Strings, and string to vector block (admittedly more complicated).

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There is way to send indirect text as body of a mail message .

It requires some ladder logic.

There is a function called append buffer to user file that appends a buffer to a TXT/CSV/BIN file.1.jpg

You can use copy tag to buffer first and then using the append buffer to file , you are basically creating a file with the tag data. (you can also use the message composer to create messages and then use Build message to put it in a buffer).

This buffer is the one you will append to the user file. The file needs to be TXT.2.jpg

In the e-mail configuration you will click on attachment an select the file with the text you wish to send and then the option send as body.3.jpg




The file will not be as attachment but its content will be in the body of the mail.



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