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Hi All,

New user to Unitronics Hardware so please forgive my ignorance.

A client has a number of small bench testers with V120-22 PLC/HMI units in them.

I have downloaed and installed the Visilogic software and successfully uploaded the program from one of the units (.vlp file)

I am trying to download this file to a new V120-22. However when I compile the file prior to download, I am getting an a bunch of errors all pointing at Network 1 of every routine in a certain module. Each of thes networks has exactly the same structure . The error is "error #1012-Illegal Net"  That is the extent of the feedback I get.

When I go to the rungs in question, Im not sure what is causing the problem. I have deleted a parallel branch network from the rung and it compiles ok without any error showing for that routine. However I have tried to narrow down the problem be deleting elements from the branch individually but this does not show anything. Only if I delete the branch will the routine compile OK.

The fact that this file was uploaded from a working unit is what is bugging me.

I have attached a image of one of the rungs  in question



Illegal Net.jpg

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By the way, your picture shows horrible programming technique. That ladder rung could easily (and absolutely should) be broken up into 7 separate rungs. Do that and your compile error will go away. I can't account for why it seems to be allowing it elsewhere.

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Split it out as you suggested Flex727 and issue has gone away.  It must be related to the newer Visilogic version I am using. (8.0.1)

I did get a message while uploading that the PLC file was created on an older version and that it would be recompiled using my installed version (8.0.1)

Obviously these programming techniques were accepted in older versions. Its a pity that the error messages dont contain more information in relation to the specific cause of an error.

Anyway thanks for your help, a bit of work ahead of me to get all the routines modified.........!

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