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Keypad, Buttons, and Numeric Variables

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 I need to be able to open the Keypad with a Button ( not touching the Numeric Variable) and store the keypad value in an MI where I can use it later in the program. 

I need this because , depending on a switch setting, I need a Numeric Variable to:

                  If Switch  = "0" (System Automatic Mode )  then show value from an Analog Input.

                   If Switch  = "1" (System Manual Mode)  show the MI storing the keypad entered value. 

I can do the switching, I just need to know how to open the Keypad with a button.

Thanks - 


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I don't believe you can open the keypad without referencing a numeric variable because the input from the keypad must have a place to go. However, you can accomplish what you wish easily enough. Just copy the analog value into the numeric variable when switch = 0 and disable it. When the switch = 1, then re-enable the variable to allow keypad input.

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