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Help with HSC for a 4.3 Samba 43-R20 model

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Hi, everyone 

I need some help to connect my incremental encoder 600 p/min 24 volts to my project 

I'd been trying to connect my encoder in order to read the pulses on my HMI but I don't know how I do that?????? 

I wire it up as the schematic. The encoder comes with 4 wires Red, Black, Green, and White.

Red = Vcc = here I linked + 24 volts

Black = 0 = here I linked 0 Volts

Green = Phase A = I linked with Input terminal block (I 0 ) as show schematic PLC diagram

White = Phase B = I linked with Input terminal block (I 1 ) as show schematic PLC diagram

My question is If I want to see the pulses over the HMI. How Can I do that? 

I know that question might sound pretty easy but I tried with a (variable : numeric)  over my HMI but the value doesn't increase or decrease. It keep in 0

Once I can see the value. I would like to make a curve graph to see over it.  How to increase and decrease those values.


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Hi Juandiaza;

                    Hardware setup   --  Have you set the High Speed Inputs up  for  A-B encoder?

                   Jumpers- Internal --  Is the Encoder   PNP  or NPN   Output?

                                                                  Default is PNP,    If   NPN  - Open unit, change JP12   to  A( NPN)

                                                                  See the installation guide.

                                                                 Note:  If Encoder is NPN,  then JP12  set to NPN  will  cause  ALL  Inputs to be NPN

                                                                 If encoder is NPN, - Open Collector or Pull Up Resistors Internal?

                    HMI  Numeric   Value tied to the MI you selected in Hardware setup.





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