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Automated Spooler Programming Needed

Guest Josh

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I have an HMI V700 with a V200-18-E2B,  I need to develop an automated wire spooler, look images for clarification going to this website http://www.swcport.com/spooler/

1- I need it to do the Auto left and right with the START button until you press the STOP button. The limit switches will work as the direction changes. Do we need to store where the traverse was so it knows which way to go?

2- Then when you push the HOME button to go to the home position. (see image)

3- I need it to either Jog to the right or left or hold the traverse when is in Auto for wire accommodation. 

4- The Traverse is following the Spooler speed with a Signal Isolator (see image) but I think it won't be necessary as we're using Shaft Encoders, right?


I pretty much have it, check the vlp file. 

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That looks like an interesting project. But since it is incomplete not much could be said regarding your questions, maybe a few comments.

It is good practice to have a safety par of limit switches. Maybe you don't need limit switches for oscillation since you should know the position from the encoders. Did you make an electric scheme?

14 hours ago, Guest Josh said:

I pretty much have it, check the vlp file. 

I opened your project and there is not much code in there. All I can say about it is that you shouldn't use normal contacts for load display function as it will be called in every scan and lock the screen. Also that ESTOP input should power off the outputs.

A lot of work still, maybe you could start with ladder and post here when you get stuck.

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This is a Job Board. Are you looking to hire a programmer to handle this, or at least help? If so, please feel free to email me at blanier @ arc-controls . com (remove spaces).

If you just want a few questions answered, post in the Vision PLC Series and VisiLogic forum and you should be able to get the help you need.

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