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Bom dia, preciso urgentemente de apoio; não consigo , não sei como chamar uma saída num bloco canopen - (XN-GWBR-EATON), (XNE-16DO-24VDC-0.5A-P) , interligado com Vision V1040.

Qual comando que uso? Como faço uso das entradas e saídas?


Good morning, I urgently need support; I can not, I do not know how to call an output in a canopen block - (XN-GWBR-EATON), (XNE-16DO-24VDC-0.5A-P), interconnected with Vision V1040.

Which command do I use? How do I use the inputs and outputs?

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Hi Rjustino

To get you up to speed, please refer to Unitronics CANopen video webinar.

You can find many example project within VisiLogic itself including CANopen: 

C:\Program Files (x86)\Unitronics\Unitronics VisiLogic_C\Examples\Version 900\Project examples\Communications\CANopen.

More information can be found in VisiLogic Help (F1) under CANopen.

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Então, já fui lá, mas não consigo entender. Montei um projeto,funcionou, comunicou com o bloco canopen, mas, não sei executar a saída dele.

Como o V1040 não tem portas de entrada e saída, preciso saber como.



So I went there, but I can not understand. I mounted a project, it worked, communicated with the canopen block, but, I do not know how to run out of it.

Since the V1040 does not have input and output ports, I need to know how.

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