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Hey All,

I imagine this has been covered before, but I can't seem to find it........

I'm doing some housekeeping in my file folders, and I see a lot of numbered extensions to my projects.

that is, instead of the .vlp extension there will be extensions like .22 , .24 , .27 , .146......

I assume that these are backups of some sort, but do I really need them?

Can I safely delete them?


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Hi John,

All these files are backups.

Number after decimal point show backup data base version.

For example, project last time stored in data base version 144. Now you open it in a newest VisiLogic, which use data base version 145.

Previous project stored as .144.

I recommend you zip all of them and keep in a safe place. You always can delete everything. But one time you may find your archive useful.

You always will open such project by adding .vlp extension in proper, or on last VisiLogic version.


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