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Program tidyup hiccouph and solution.

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Hi all,

I recently did extensive mods to, and then tidied up a program that's been in use for a while.  Lots of the cleanup involved deleting MIs that were previously used. Firstly eliminate them completely from the ladder work, then select the description, delete to nothing, clear any powerup values and normally the "Use" tick disappears.

After doing all of this, I had many MIs that still showed the tick.  Hmmmm.  Compile and save...again.  Same thing.  Right click search for them and nothing showing.   Cruise around the program carefully to see if the search has missed something.  No.

Thinking, thinking.....Ohhh, they might have been referenced in a Watch.  Sure enough they all were, so I deleted them out of that one, checked if any other watches used them which they didn't, compiled and saved again.

What?  Still showing the ticks.  Huh?   Downloaded into a 130 and then back again, with the same result.  I just did't get it!  They're not there at all, so why are they ticked?

I tried to think of all the references that might be held in the program, but couldn't.  In desperation I finally had a look in View/Operands Not Referenced in Project, and gosh....there they all are.  So I deleted them from that list, backed out and the ticks were finally gone.

Somewhere along the way, "Not Referenced" had picked up that they had gone from the ladder, but the "flagging" area of this didn't actually compute that at the very end of my endeavours,  they weren't there at all.  It kept some sort of reference up, and this showed them as still being in use.  The kicker is that I had never actually run this command....it must work in the background all the time (edit: or perhaps at each compile?).  Perhaps it is just a quirk relating to the MIs being in watches as well.



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