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UniStream HMI GIFs good practice


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A UniLogic application writer need to keep on some ground rules in order to get the best performance from his UniStream. That’s because a GIF size in is calculated in the next manner:

          "Size in memory" = Width * Height * Frames * Bit depth

Meaning that using a GIF without considering it dimensions can affected badly on the UniStream.

?How do I manage my GIFs
Let's move on any of the equation elements and see how we can reduce them. Our start point is the "Damper.GIF" which dimensions are:

-  By right clicking on the GIF and choosing "Properties" -> "Details"

Width – 1000      
Height – 1000          
Bit depth – 8         

    :By entering this link (ezgif.com) and choosing the GIF with "Choose file" and then "Upload".  In the page that opened you can use -


To resize the GIF Width & Height. The values that you want to resize to them are the size of the widget linked to the GIF in UniLogic.Enter the values and press "Resize it!".  When it's done in the frame below you can press on "Save" to download it to your PC

:(Frames – You can use the same website to remove some unneeded frames (less animated GIFs). In the next tab (1


Pressing on "skip" (2 or 3) can remove the frame (first or fifth). After any change you can use "Animate it!" and see your editing result
:If we edit the example GIF to, let's say 100x100 with 5 frames (the application user can hardly tell) we save

Old    1000 * 1000 * 7 * 8 = 56,000,000 bits          
New     100  *   100 * 5 * 8 =       400,000 bits          

.That's 55,600,000 bits or 6.95M bytes of memory


?To what values do I need to aim
A user needs to aim as lower as possible because the memory divides between his other application features and it depends on the number of images/GIFs on the current screen. As a rule always aim to a GIF that is size is no higher than 50k

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