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  1. Dear Kojekude, From Help section: Use this to compare sections of an array of bits or registers. Compare returns the location of the first array element that differs where the given arrays differ, and -1 when they are equal. Parameter Name Purpose A First Array Select the Array to compare to B Start Index in first Array Set the start member for the compare operation C Second Array Select the Array to compare D Start Index in second Array Set the start member for the compare operation E Compare Length This is the number of registers for the compare operation. F Result This is the tag that contains the result - The location, in the second array, of the first element that differs from the first - -1 if the array values are identical - -2 if the index values, or length, exceed the length of the array.
  2. Dear rockber, Checked it. You are right. This issue will be fixed in the next official version. Thanks for the input.
  3. Dear Interroga, "the user do not have time for expire password", you can use: "I would like that it would be possible to modify password in first login" I will add your request to R&D ". Another problem, is to show current user , after logoff. The information do not update, when there is no user in use" I do not understand. What information? you have a log out event so now there is no user.
  4. Hi all, to start explore I suggest to check HTTP REST APIs for your WhatsApp (meaning some server you address via REST calls on HTTP and it send a WhatsApp message) . For example: https://github.com/sinch/docs/tree/master/docs/whatsapp/whatsapp-http-rest https://www.twilio.com/go/whatsapp-api-90-access-1?utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=G_S_NB_EMEA_Whatsapp_ROE_Emerging_EX&utm_adgroup=&device=c&network=g&keyword=whatsapp integrator&creative=494025116831&placement=&gclsrc=aw.ds&gclid=Cj0KCQjw38-DBhDpARIsADJ3kjkFQR_Wbmbx9w6-1AjPTuwt35VN4vhB2FmhoVPHBl-doubeTtK6WaAaAqR0EALw_wcB It possible (no guaranty, we did not saw such API yet) the UniStream REST feature could trigger it. There are HTTP REST APIs free trials you can check out to do "proof of concept". (again, no guaranty, but worth to invest a few hours to check it)
  5. Dear Gert, On the Data Sampler struct you have: Use it to set the filename
  6. Dear Kestralcontrols, I assume you have a problem in the project level because of the change you did please contact the technical Support at support@unitronics.com
  7. Dear vincentBsef, Thanks for the input: Logout event can be found on "Web Server Custom Controls" feature is on our To-Do-List
  8. Dear Zinenko Alex , On UniLogic you set the Slave ID in the next view: The "Set Slave ID" bloack allow you to change the value on run time. For example if I set in UniLogic slave ID 2 and I want to change it to some other value on the PLC I will use "Set Slave ID".
  9. Dear ORSO2001, The "SD Management" procedure initialed every 60s. There is no BIT to check it.
  10. Dear NutzlosNorm, I added your request to R&D To-Do-List, no guarantee due
  11. Dear sgull, Issue "Alarm 'dateTime' sort is by text and not by date" resolved from version 29 and above. Also from version 29 and above (clear button)
  12. Dear all,From version 30.XXX go to "UniApps -> Network -> VNC Server -> Set 'touch bit'" check box and press apply. The VNC server will restart with the "touch" identification option and will set General.Touched bit upon "touch" of a VNC client connected to UniStream
  13. Dear Cam , From version 30.XXX go to "UniApps -> Network -> VNC Server -> Set 'touch bit'" check box and press apply. The VNC server will restart with the "touch" identification option and will set General.Touched bit upon "touch" of a VNC client connected to UniStream
  14. Dear Dainius Vaskela, You have a problem on PLC start-up that will likely resolve if you "Download All" the project from UniLogic to the PLC. If the problem continue open a ticket on Unitronics "Help center" at https://support.unitronics.com/index.php the Support team will assist.
  15. Dear AleksanderØ, You cannot adjust the USL backlight from program/application because he do not have one. You can adjust the USL backlight manually from the configuration menu ("UniApps style").
  16. Dear Dmitri, For now you can either insert an SD card or remove the software elements that require an SD card. Nevertheless, I will add a feature request to ignore this pop up.
  17. Dear Guest JimP, UniApps comes pre-installed on a UniStream. Hold your finger in the upper right corner of the screen and press "UniApps"
  18. Dear Charlesc, Do you have a folder name "DT" on your DOK/USB Stick root?
  19. No there is not. You can however assemble a message that will include data from 'Alarm Status Struct'.
  20. I will open a 'feature request' on this manner. Thanks for your input.
  21. So actually you want a feature the will allow to load an old Alarm log to the HMI Alarm display ('Alarm Summary List' widget) in order to view them in the PLC instead of PC?
  22. Upon an Alarm event the data is saved in an internal buffer. The trigger for the internal buffer flush is one of the below: - Using Action "Create and zip Alarm log" - Number of Alarms events on internal buffer is more than 64 - 1m passed from an Alarm event (any event occur when this timer fire will be written as well) You can use the action in case you want to save the logs in a higher resolution.
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