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Jazz 2 stl exceed limit

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I have used Jazz 2 here in Brazil because it has more memory (4096 words), however I am only using 2690 words but at the time of compiling the same presents error saying that STL has reached the limit. What can it be?
I take some nets and the problem disappears, but I need them all. After all Jazz 2 is 4096 or 2690 words?
I am using the latest version 6.6.28 of the u90ladder.

Thanks in advance for any help.


Renato de Oliveira

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  • MVP 2023

I would be curious to see your program.  I've never filled a Jazz, but I always use a Vision for an operation complex enough to require that much code.

You can't argue with the compiler; it always wins.  How did you arrive at the 2690 number? Project->Properties?  If so, what are the values in the other memory allocations?

Joe T.

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