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Unilogic step by step tutorials


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I am beginner in Unilogic. 

I learn this software and looking for step by step programming tutorials based on the concrete examples. 

I watched intro and other tutorials. At this stage some example tutorials of "this is how you do it for such scenario" would be very useful.

I checked Unitronics website and web but did not find something similar. 

Does anyone have such tutorials or links to them, please.

Thank you.


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I checked these but they do not include the tutorial which would present step by step go through for some specific scenario e.g. there is a machine with 5 sensors and 10 switches and this is how you create programming in UniLogic for this from A to Z. Each scenario is different but such a complete go through would assure new user that most of all necessary steps are covered and are done correctly. Tutorials under this link are very informative but they are fragmented.

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If you have specifics you can post on forum or call Unitronics support. Both helped me greatly when tranlslating a large program from Visilogic to UniLogic. If you are starting with Unilogic it may actually be easier, I really had to retrain my brain away from all the terminology and form of Visilogic. It's not bad once you get the hang of it. You have a powerful support team to assist you, be NOT afraid to use it Sir.

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