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"Use Run Idle for O2T" check-box in Ethernet/IP configuration


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I'm doing Ethernet IP communication with Keyence Cameras (CVX-400) and SMC motor Drivers (JXC91 series).
Everything works very well, but it took me a long time for SMC drivers to be checked:

                     Use Run idle for O2T.

I would like to ask why and what it means. I did not find explanation in help.
Well thank you.



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The EDS file compiler for EIPscanner does not exist in the unilogic programmer.
I've created global tags from EDS.
You must import global Tags into the program.  File is higher  in this topic - TagsforJXC91.xls
Here are tags for Keyence CVX-400. these are used in Ethernet / IP Scanner settings.
If you want to control Cameras using the implicit commands, watch the video.


Lots of fun :)

Best regards  Stefan


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The Ethernet IP scanner provides Input / Output data exchange between the keyence camera and the unistream PLC.
The exchange of data takes place at a rate of 16ms.
You must read and write registers using a ladder.
But you need to know the Keyence system quite accurately.
An example of how to do this is shown below.




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