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Hello all,

Recently I have had a few suggestion made to me and thought I would share them.

1. Keypad Entry Variable on a touch screen - If the variable happens to be overlapping the enter button on the virtual keypad when it opens, it will sometimes completes keypad entry. If you for some reason for it makes sense to put the variable where it overlaps this becomes an issue. Maybe a small timer in the background or a -|N|- before you can enter a keypad entry.

2. Drum Sequencer - Ability to label steps and see column address descriptions in config, ability to go online in config, a check mark to print or export the config. Go to Step(index) FB only lets you choose a MI not a constant which is different than a lot of other FB's, also in that FB in the help file mention that the Step Index MI is different than the Current Step Index. Why do the steps start at 1 and not 0?

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