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Convert INT8 tag value to binary


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I'm using Combo Box in my HMI. My Combo Box has 16 options and the user choice is stored in a tag name "Select_Valve"  (of type INT8).

I want to convert the value of "Select_Valve" to binary type. In the end, I want to open one of the values according to the user selection using "UID_0016 -> Outputs_0:Outputs3"

Thank You!

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There is a Ladder Element called Num to Bits, which should take a number and convert it to bits.

For example, I took an Int8 and used the Num to Bits elements with a bits array of size of 4 (0 to 3), and it behaves as you've would expect (value 0 gets 0 on all bits, and value 15 gets 1 in all bits).

One note though, when I've outputed the result to the UID-0016 outputs, all the bits were reset (oven ones that are not from 0 to 3).

If you don't want that behavior, when you can use a bits array with size 4, and then copy the array (with Copy array part to array) to the outputs

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