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Dear Sir,

I am using V1210 PLC

How to convert MF (Memory Float) Value into MI (Memory Integer)?

My MF values will be like -0.0023, i have to use this value for plotting graph Trends. But the trends having only option to link  vector operant MI only. 

Here, i dont know how to convert my MF value -0.0023 into MI. 

Or do you know any other option is there to use my MF value to plot Trends?

Kindly help me please. 

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I tried ladder snippet in photo on a V430 (online mode). Using an MI as "C" result only shows a "D#2", I had to use an ML to get 2300 (derived from -0.0023). If you need MI just drop a STORE block with A=ML202, B=MI202. This will give you a baseline MI that will go up or down proportionally to the MF. If you want to preserve the negative sign then omit the ABS function block.

The middle FB is found in MATH, FLOAT, CONVERT, INV (A+B/n). Hope this helps!


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