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Simple examples( photocell or proximity sensor)

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First of all, hi everybody.

My native language is not English. I hope you understand what I tell you.

I just started using Visilogic. They gave me an assignment at school, but I do not really know what to do.

I've studied the examples on the site, but they're all top-level examples to me. I could not find simple examples.

I have to create two different simple scripts. In the first scenario, I have to accept that the data came from the Photocell sensor. In the second scenario, I must accept that data came from the Proximity sensor.

I have to spell the script verbally first then I need to create the ladder diagram and HMI interface.

Could you please help me create two different simple scenarios with these condition?

Thanks for your time. Good days everyone :)

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29 minutes ago, rumur24 said:

I've studied the examples on the site, but they're all top-level examples to me.

Are you referring to the examples that come included with the VisiLogic install (Help / Examples / then drill down)? If not, take a look at those.

If your problem is a basic understanding of Ladder Logic, then do an internet search. There is a lot of information available to help you understand how that works.

If you have a grasp of Ladder Logic and have reviewed the example projects that come with your VisiLogic install, then make your best attempt at writing your project and post it here. Someone will be happy to help you further.

There are also a number of YouTube tutorials that Unitronics has created that may be of some help.

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