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Two Distinct Programs on Samba

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Hello. I am a new user of a Samba 4.3. I recently bought a brewing system and it came pre-loaded with a brewing program on a Samba SM43-J-TA22. I am interested in learning Visilogic and writing a simple program to control a water solenoid by temperature for my fermenter. Can the Samba operate two distinct programs at different times? Example: I power it up and have an option of what program I want to operate. Or, do I need to add to the existing program? I am in no rush to get this completed as I want to take my time and slowly learn the basics of Visilogic. Thanks!

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If you have the original .vlp file, then you can create anything you want and have a bit to run your new subroutines to the exclusion of the original subroutines and vice versa. Other than that there is no capability to load two totally separate programs into the PLC at the same time.

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