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Hye all,

I've got a very strange bug today.

I'm using a serial connection (RS232) which come from a PC to my V570 port 1.

I use Visilogic 8.9.5.

I have a message which is 89 bytes long using this format :

[sTX] ,NumVar1[1], NumVar2[5], etc ... , stream_1[7], stream_2[7],[ETX] [EOT]

The two last streams variables are stored to MI 2000 -> MI 2006, and MI2010 -> MI2016 using the option convert 1 byte received to 1 linked element.

If i uncheck the parameter Fixed Stream length in the protocol scan Setting for the streams variables and if the message doesn't contain streams the PLc receive, translate all the numerical variables but it 'fill a large amount of MI with strange values From MI 0 to MI 200 and a part within MI 1900.

If i check the parameter Fixed Stream length no problem, the Protocol Scan FB ignore the message because it don't have the good size

My question is : Why my Operand zone is filled with strange values ?

If someone had experienced a similar problem i'll be pleased to understand.


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