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Analog scaling/PID setpoint


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Wondering if I can change the 0-8191 scaling in the analog input setup to whatever I need? 0-1000 for a 0-1000psi pressure sensor?

Can i use a numeric data entry block to directly load a PID setpoint into the PID.Setpoint data type?

Also- Is there a counter function in the logic or do you have to create your own?


Thank you!

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  • MVP 2023

Sorry you feel that way.  It is mostly run by volunteers such as myself, and sometimes it takes a bit of time to get questions answered. 

I haven't done much in UniStream.  The Vision and U90 series are my thing, and I don't like to answer questions on something I don't have a lot of real world experience with.

I opened UniLogic and was able to change the scaling, but I don't have a way to test it.  So I don't really know for sure.  If you've got a unit in hand I'd go try it and see if it works.

I was able to create a PID config variable called PID 1.  I dropped a numeric box and assigned the Numeric Value to PID 1.Set Point.  So yes.

You have to make your own counter with INC and DEC blocks and Compare blocks to operate with a preset value.

Joe T.   

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You can enter your own scaling ranges direct in the AI setup section.  This is addressed in past forum posts and was also discussed at a training seminar I attended last year. 

Joe is correct, this forum is primarily composed of fellow programmers (from novices to experts) who have day jobs. Usually within 48 hours you will have a reply. 

If it is urgent and a weekday I highly recommend calling Unitronics technical support. They will do their best to give you an answer on the spot or within 24 hours if it's a complex or unprecedented issue. 

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