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Redundant PLC Control

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I have a system that requires redundant plc control. I have a primary v570 doing all of the control/monitoring and a backup v570 with the exact same program waiting to take over if the primary controller fails.

Does anybody have any recommendations on how I should implement this application?

This system does not need a 'hot' standby but rather a 'warm' standby that when one controller fails the other takes over.

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Just idea:

Connecting controllers in UniCAN.

During normal run, the "Master" PLC will send the values of important registers to "waiting" unit". The waiting unit will have its outputs blocked.

Controllers will exchange Check alive signals. In case Check alive is lost, the master will block and reset its outputs and the waiting unit will "open" its. When Check alive will return, the main PLC will take the control back.

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