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Ethernet is hanging, communication problems

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i have a system that I integrated 15 new V570 PLC's communicating via ethernet/ modbus tcp. The system layout is as follows. I have one V570 Master that is acting as a monitoring station to the other 14 PLC's. This Master is using Port 0 setup as UDP to communicate over ethernet to the other plcs. I also have a PC running wonderware SCADA application that is monitoring my 14 stations. I am allowing this SCADA application to access my 14 stations via Port 2 setup as TCP Slave 502. 12 of the 15 are communicating over a radio connection and are working great. the other 3 are hardwired into the customers existing network. These PLC's have the issue that when I establish communication, they seem to hang and stop communicating after a week of operation. When I access info mode after the controller has stopped communicating, I can see that the PLC is receiving RX but not responding any TX on port 2. While port 0 is still operating fine. I can always get the PLC to start communicating again by pressing apply in the ethernet settings window but this is unacceptable.

It seems like the port is seeing an open end on the ethernet and hangs up.

I have set the auto reconnect parameters and the keep alive parameters are set to 10. This does not seem to work.

How can I fix this issue?

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can you precise about "keep alive" parameters? Which are they exactly? On which operands the values are applied? how?

I agree with you - it seems the port remains "half open" and this blocks the communication. This is something autorecover needs to repair. That's why I want to check what exactly is set there - maybe somethhing needs ot be improved.

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Specifically this is how I have the keep alive set up.

SB 168 is set on powerup;

SI 103 - 106 = 10

SI 107 - 110 = 20

My understanding of the parameters is that when they are set, the PLC automatically will take care of the rest. Let me know if I am doing something wrong.

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