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I bought new V570 plc and after some downloading program to device I have seen countdowning screen (from 10-0) with touch request information

What does it mean - countdown and why I should touch the screen ?

I have VisiLogic 9.01 installed. I started usign VisiLogic from 5.0 version and there no similar problems like that.

There are some new problems. In example: When I touch in info mode on screen in left top corner then the display show me that I pressed button on center position ? Whats wrong with my plc ?

I find on this forum reset procedure which look like this:

Such PLC reaction may occurs as a results of incompatibility system files versions in VisiLogic or communication interruption.

Please use the latest VisiLogic V9.0.1 (Download) and try as follow:

1. Turn off the PLC and use it as standalone ( Disconnect expansion ,Ethernet….)

2. Touch and hold the screen

3. Power on while screen touched

4. Touch twice in Bootstrap screen

5. Update the O/S from the web in help menu and download to the PLC by using 115200 baud rate and 2sec time out

6. Download empty application to the controller

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The count down display you mentioned is prompted when plugging-in the PLC while touching the screen. This is how you enter Bootstrap Mode.

From this mode you can enter Stop Mode by pressing the screen once.

The problem with the touch screen you are describing, is also a behaviour which indicates that something is touching the screen.

Check SIs 40 and 41 to confirm this. Make sure nothing is touching the screen and check their values. It should be -1.

This problem can be caused by some a all particle which got stuck in the frame of the screen and pressing the screen.

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