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Visi monitoring shows power on during subroutine off.


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Dear Creators,

can we please try and get this error fixed in Visilogic?  It has always been a source of frustration for me, and other newbies have been caught as well.  It is simply incorrect that when online the power rail shows active when a subroutine is not being called.

I cannot see how this can be too hard to implement.  Although it isn't the ideal solution, I suggest the following which to my mind is an easy method to at least get monitoring working vaguely correctly.

There is some sort of internal flag that says to go to a sub, so if that flag is ON then the monitoring of that sub can say that the left hand power rail is on as well, and anything subsequent is shown correctly.  If the flag is OFF, the left hand rail shows off and nothing else is shown active either.   Edit:  Or perhaps the active elements could be shown in a different colour with the left hand rail still off?

Although I know of this issue, it is still easily forgotten when trying to analyse why a particular item isn't working as expected, when you are being shown that it is powered.

Many people here have devised ways around this problem, but to me it shouldn't be happening in the first place.



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