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Software and Comms Errors

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Hello all

 I've just started revisiting a  Vision V570 project that I had completed a couple of years ago. I am planning on adding some additional components to the V570 system.

However when I start the  Visilogic software. I get an error of which a screen shot is attached as Startup Error.

Also when I try to connect to the V570 I get an additional error  I called USB Driver Install error.

I guess my starting point is

1) Does anyone know what the attached errors mean?

2) How do I get by the errors?

Thank you for you help


Startup Error.pdf

USB Driver Install Error.pdf

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  • MVP 2023

I'd initially be trying an uninstall/resintall.  I am guessing that a Win update in the meantime has caused the failures.  Make sure you have your user program(s) stored safely.  If the uninstall/reinstall doesn't first work ok, do the uninstall again and run a registry cleaner before restarting and then installing.  Don't forget the need to install and run as administrator.



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