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We use the VISION 570 Unitronics PLC to rebuild old hardware in bakery ovens. 
In the future we want to continue to rebuild ovens with that PLC, so this is my question:
In order to give long term service to our clients, how long will this model be in production?
How long can I buy this model and spare parts before it comes obsolete?
I can use of course the unistream series, but this means a complete redesign of both
hardware and software.






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  • MVP 2023

That is a nice looking system!

The Creators may be able to answer your time question definitively, but I can tell you as a distributor we can still get M90 product that was introduced 18 years ago in 2000.

So I wouldn't worry about long term availability of what you're currently using.

But....   if they start asking about connecting the ovens to the Internet and you want to implement IoT functionality like serving up web pages or notifications via email or text you definitely want to migrate to the UniStream.  The Vision series supports remote viewing with the Remote Operator and Remote Access programs, but that's really about it.  It's webserver is primitive compared to the UniStream and the Email functionality has become quite hobbled by the introduction of SSL.

Joe T.

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