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Unilogic Help Menu

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I noticed something time and time again when using Unilogic and the help menu.

Unlike Visilogic, Unilogic's help menu stacks on the task bar, which is helpful in keeping everything neat and compact. However, when you use the task bar to navigate between applications, and go back to use Unilogic, whether you select Unilogic or help menu, the help menu is what opens if it was the last thing open. At this point, to switch back to Unilogic, it requires that you hit the minimize button in the corner of the window.

This is obviously a very small inconvenience and can be avoided by a number of methods, however it does complicate things if your instinct is to maximize the help menu and navigate via the task bar. This could also be a PC specific setting, I'm not fluent in the Settings or super concerned about personalizing my computer top to bottom, so there may be a setting somewhere that changes how the windows stack themselves and where. But, if this is something in the Unilogic software, it would make the program a teensy bit easier to navigate for people like me who forget every single time. 

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