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Visilogic odd behaviour online and manual together


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Just a quick heads up that I have had V130s do a strange HMI lockup a few times whilst on sites.  I don't know the full sequence that causes it, but it is definitely something to do with changing between manual screen interaction and being online at the same time.  I might do a manual entry then go to the physical location of a controlled item and manipulate it via online mode.  Somewhere in this process it locks up.  It is always the password screen that locks with the password entry area looking like it normally does on first open.  But you can't actually enter any numbers at all.  You can't do anything.  However, the PLC continues to work normally.  All a bit odd and confusing (and annoying when you have to go up/down that damn big ladder again!), but not hard to fix with a restart.



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