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I am new to Unitronics and VisiLogic. I am trying to connect a motorized valve to my Unitronics v130. I know that with the valve, I need to use the analog outputs. However, I am not sure how the ladder diagram should look like. All I want it to do is open and close a motorized valve. I was planning on using F1 and F2 as the on/off switch respectively. I am using a W.E Anderson Motorized Valve ZV20224.

Can someone help?

Sorry for my ignorance.

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First of all, are you certain the valve is controlled by an analog signal rather than a digital signal? If so, is it 0-10V, 0-20mA, or 4-20mA? Set your PLC jumpers accordingly. You can get the information you need on this from the Unitronics website (unitronicsplc.com).

In the software, you will need to go to the Hardware configuration and configure your analog output per the above and assign a Memory Integer (MI) to the output. The V130 has 12-bit resolution, so that means you need to store a value between 0 & 4095 (819 & 4095 for 4-20mA) in the MI you've assigned. 0 (or 819) will be fully closed and 4095 will be fully open.

In your ladder you will have a positive transition of the System Bit for F1 (SB 58) store 4095 to the MI and a positive transition for F2 (SB 59) store zero (or Reset Numeric) to the MI.

Easier than pie. :)

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