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Samba virtual keyboard buttons stay pressed

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with the latest batch of Samba SM35-J-T20 PLC's I've programmed, I have noticed that the buttons in the virtual keyboard stay pressed when you touch them once. I must touch them again to make the button appear unpressed.

Is this a change in the firmware? It seems to work anyway. Just curious what is causing this.

Buttons stay pressed with this PLC
Firmware: 4.4 (28) Oct 16 2017
Bin library 0-2.10 (04)

Buttons works normally with this PLC
Firmware: 4.4 (09) Apr 5 2017
Bin library: 0-2.10 (03)

Cheers, Peter


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It's the same phenomenon with a SM35-J-TA22 straight out of the box when I enter Info mode.

Firmware: 4.4 (28) Oct 16 2017
Boot: 2.2 (24) Oct 29 2014
Bin library 0-2.10 (04)

After updating the PLC the issue was resolved.
Firmware: 4.4 (31) Oct 19 2017
Boot: 2.2 (48) Sep 25 2016
Bin library 0-2.10 (04)

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