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Recipe and DTI


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Hi all,
I could not find a clear answer to my question in help files and the forum so I will ask it in here :]

I'm trying to use "Recipe table" for a first time. This is probably a simple thing but could you explain me, please, what is the difference between a "Recipe table" and a "Indexed data table"? Can I load information from recipe file directly to variables (with struct), or is it necessary to load recipe data to indexed data table first and then read the values (Read Row from DTI) from data table? In what cases recipe table has advantages against indexed data table? When is it better to store the information in DTI file and when is it better to use recipe file?

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The Recipe is a DTI file that you can load into a table. It is downloaded with the project.

When working with DTI, the data is stored in RAM. If you choose to save the DTI into file, then it is saved into the external SD card, and it is not a part of the project, while the Recipe is being downloaded with the project and does not require an external SD.

At the end, you need to load the recipe into a table in order to  read data from it (You can have several recipes for the same table, and you can choose in run-time which one to load).

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Hi all, is there a way to also store the DTI (in RAM) directly to Data Table Recipe file?

I have a recipes, which I download from Recipe via function at initial cycle or on request to DTI. During the process the recipes can be added or modified and I want to update the Data Table Recipe as well = no usage of SD card. Is there a way?

At this moment I'm using  Load / Store DTI from / to  file (SD card). Thank you.


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