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Configure NPN input on V430 controller

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I am working on a project to control a press. As a safety feature, I am using Optical thumb buttons to activate the press. Specifically, the Banner OTBVN6 model. Here is the data sheet http://info.bannerengineering.com/cs/groups/public/documents/literature/28436.pdf. There is a Blue (-VDC), a Brown (+VDC), and 2 signal wires. I'm using the black signal wire. When I hook the Blue and Brown wires directly to my 24VDC power supply, I see power to the switch, and I can confirm switch operation through LEDs on the switch itself. When I hook the signal wire in to the PLC the only way I can get the bit to flip is if I use a wire to connect the signal wire to +VDC. I cannot get the bit to flip when the switch is activated. I would love some direction on how to properly hook up the PLC to the switch. I've tried every configuration I can think of and still get it to work.

Thanks in advance,


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