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HSC encoder position

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I'm honored to use the incremental encoder 500imp/rev. I need to display the exact position on the screen. How I can calculate a position, since sharing with a comma is not possible. For 500 imp I have 37.68mm. 

Measuring range is from 0-1100mm, with a precision of 0.1mm


I use jazz T20HS

Sorry for my bad English.

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Unfortunately, doing math in a Jazz is hard.  They're really designed to use 16 bit signed integers.

If there's any way you can upgrade to a V130 you can do your scaling in floating point registers.

The only way to do this in a Jazz is to use an implied decimal.  Since 500 pulses = 37.68 mm and your range is 1100 mm, you'll need to work with an value of 110000 for the total length.  Which requires a 32 bit "long" integer.

If you really want to tackle this in a Jazz you need to read the Help on Special Functions without Elements so you can learn how to work with these larger elements using two consecutive MIs.

Joe T.

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