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Web Server...need information.


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Dear All,

is the first time that I use the web server...I tried to find what I need but, unfortunatelly, without success...I need to know when some one is conneced by web server, if is doing something by the web pages (push something...buttons or simply the screen) and how to load a web page by a BIT change....I try to explain...I created my DTI for the user/password ( I don't use the built-in function)...my web server main page will ask to insert these information...if the log will be ok a new page will appear and let the user do what she/he wants...if not action is done in some time automatically she/he will log out and the main page has to be loaded again...is it possible?


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If you wish to know that button was pressed from WebServer (not from HMI) ,  you can link to the actions of the web element - set bit  of specific bit that the button was pressed so you will know it was pressed from the web and not from HMI. (This bit will not be linked to HMI elements).

Since several clients can be connected in the same time , there is no web page change according to bit since it will change the web page to  all clients.

There is no automatic log off for the webserver.

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Hi Ofir,

thanks for the answer; I know that I can set a BIT using a button in a web server page; also I know that I can dinamicaly pass a String to an hyper link object...and I already tougth ( I have to test this) a way to drive/force the user in some action to be sure that one at time can insert/modify a parameter.

Thanks again

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