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Set 8 analog inputs


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Hi all, 

new to the forum, fairly new to PLCs in general..

I'm trying to set up 8 analogue inputs (from thermocouples using the 08TC module). I've managed to configure the hardware and have changed all inputs to TC_type_K, and then set them to degrees.

The problem is,  I can't see any element in the toolbox that represents an analogue input? Is it possible to have an analogue input in the ladder diagram?


 I would like to log temperatures over a 24 hour period, and to set a reference temperature which if exceeded, will open a contact. If anyone has a downloadable example of this, that would be very useful!


As I said, I'm new to this, so layman's terms please!


thanks :)



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when you add a module like analog input all its references (input value, status registers etc) are available in the "IO" menu than you can find in the bottom part of the window also where are available the menu: Global, Timers, Struct etc

if you select this menu (IO) will show the list of the added modules; select what you want and all references will appear.

when you add the module in hardware configurator its properties and references will be available for the ladder function as others tags...I think that the inputs and reference status  of these modules will return or a INT16 or INT32 ...then for example...if you insert a comparison element one of its field can be filled with an input of the analogic input...

for each of these input you can set an "alias" name....this can be done by the IO menu on the bottom...select input...and a column of alias name is present.

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