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an installation support file could not be installed catastrophic failure

Guest hopeless_67

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Guest hopeless_67

I had issues with my older version of Visilogic.  I decided to replace it with the new version.  Considering the old one was not working, I did an uninstall and went to install the newer version of the software.  About 5 seconds into the install a window pops up that says, "an installation support file could not be installed catastrophic failure", and the install stops.  I have tried using revo uninstaller to remove what seem to be leftover files from the previous Visilogic version.  Visilogic still shows up in the tree when I open either the windows or the Revo uninstaller utilities.  So now I'm stuck with no working version of the software, and no apparent way to install a new version.  Can someone help please?!?!?

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  • MVP 2023

What windows are you using?  Is there a restore point available that might get you back to a better system?

Also, in case the version you are using does not have the capability built in, you have to right click/ Run as Administrator the installation file and also set the .exe to Run as Admin once it is installed.

Revo normally gets rid of everything, but if the above install tips don't work, you might be faced with manually deleting anything you can find relating to Visilogic in your folders and registry.

Try the easy options first and let us know.

cheers, Aus

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